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How many how-to products have you read, listened to or heard others talk about?  Have you noticed that most people can’t seem to break the mental barriers that prevent them from achieving the level of success they so desperately desire? 

The trances that keep you from achieving meaningful success is repelling abundance from you. They don't just keep you from finding success—they keep success from finding you.

That's why the Abundance for Life Course is so powerfully effective. When you break free from those trances that blind so many of us, you will find that abundance flows right to you.

That's why some people experience success so quickly.

It unlocks tremendous energy to turn you into a magnet for all that you desire and whatever makes your life meaningful.

Happy home life ... Rising income ... Ideal relationships ... Career recognition ... Fun with family and friends ... Success in all areas of your life.

In my Abundance for Life Coure, we will explore together how to boost career success, financial success, and success throughout all areas of life.

Now, and even more than ever, you need to continually feed your mind with positive, uplifting transformational material.

You get it with Abundance for Life. Here is some of what you discover with my Abundance for Life course:

* The courage and encouragement to build your life as you want it
* A blueprint for the creation of abundance that really works
* The secrets to getting others to help you
* How to handle ANY problem that comes your way

My course was originally designed by Paul R. Scheele of Learning Strategies. Paul is a recognized expert on learning how to tap the other 90% of your mind. He believes everyone has an inner genius just waiting to be awakened.

In my Abundance for Life Course, you will learn the same principles. You will learn effective strategies to activate personal power to attain what you want from life.

When you open the flow of energy as the Abundance for Life system will show you, health, wealth, abundance, and power come your way - automatically and on their own, without your having to do anything more - all to serve you, to make you happy.

This is a unique opportunity to learn effective strategies of abundance to help you maximize your potential.

On this journey, you will find heightened self-awareness and new perspectives on life that will smooth rough edges, focus your intention, and tune your brain for a sudden upswing in the quality of your life.

The normal cost for my Abundance for Life Course is $395.00 But with this special invitation your investment is only $197.00 plus $4.95 shipping.. Included is the course is 2 training Cd’s and a workbook for continuous learning in applying the success principles taught in the course

Cd 1: Abundance for Life Course:

Section 1: Awakening from the Trance Mind Calming Exercise

  • How to move from a trance to the quiet, alert state that exists before thought
  • How to create an idea learning state of relaxed alertness

Section 2: The Power of Being Here Now

  • How to become aware of your feelings in the moment
  • Recognize that each feeling is a gift waiting to be unwrapped
  • How to connect with energy in your feelings
  • How to appreciate the feelings and their energy

Section 3: Focus on What is Working

  • Clarity thinking
  • Recognize the progress you’ve already made toward your goal
  • Recognize one’s personal resources to reach the goal
  • Envision living in the solution
  • Part 4: Access Expanded Brain States

Section 4: Focus on What is Working

  • Acquire the ability to enter expanded brain states
  • Gain experience with accessing the four brain channels
  • Open the way for accelerating learning, higher creativity, and greater access into the inner mind

CD 2: The Abundant Money Mind-Set

  • How to Move Beyond Limits and Build Financial Strength and acquire the financial security and freedom to make your life easier, and more interesting, and extraordinarily fulfilling.
  • Release blocks you have to money, whether cultural, familial, or self-imposed. As you release the money thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that have served you poorly in the past, you tap into the full range of your abundant creativity and talent to create value and attract the money you deserve.

This is not for everyone. However, if you are truly ready for a transformational change that will teach you to break free from the trance, I encourage have the Abundance for Life Course Shipped to you today. 

So, if you want that magical "stuff" to happen in your life...order the Abundance for Life Course Today!! This offer is not transferable and is only intended for the addressee

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